Papercore #3 is out!

cover of papercore #3

Enfin! Printed between Bilbao and Toulouse, the third issue of Papercore is finally ready to be sent out to the usual distribution points. This one got a bit thicker than the previous two : A4 and 36 pages long. Write us if you want to distribute it or order a single copy. They are “prix libre” (pay what you want), but cost about 3€ to print and ship worldwide. We do privilege punkpost, however that got a bit complicated in the last couple of months.

In addition to the usual columns, illustrations and reviews, this issue contains a scene report from Andalucia, a tour diary in pre-brexit UK by Efa Supertramp and Sharp Knives as well as the first part of an extended interview with the israeli crust band Aason.

As usual, we’re looking for contributions to the next issue, and one doesn’t need to wait till the deadline of November 1st to submit it. We know there aren’t much shows happening, but you can write about other things going on, like your punk venue being used for other means, the way you’re revisiting your record collection, or some other diy tips. As long as you don’t review records you either played on or published, send it.
Take care,
The papercore crew