Papercore #05 is out

The Summer 2021 issue of Papercore #45is out, printed in Toulouse with a cover artwork by Brique Noir. It’ll be mailed to usual distros within the next week. A4, 30 pages long. Write us if you want to distribute it or order a single copy. They are “prix libre” (pay what you want), but cost about 3€ to print and ship worldwide. We do privilege punkpost, but it doesn’t seem like this chaos is going anywhere soon.

This issue has two band interview, TENUE (from Galiza, Spain) and REBEL RIOT (from Myannmar). There’s an article about gig cartoons by John Davidson and several DIY and food tutorials.

The deadline for Papercore #6 is set for November 1th as to get it out in december

Take care

The papercore crew